Faculty of Law Research Guide



PhotoNameAreas of expertise
prof. Kid Schwarz Corporate Law
prof. Jure Vidmar Public International Law
prof. Joep Simmelink Criminal Law and criminology
prof. Jan Smits European Private Law, Contract Law, Comparative Law, European and Global Integration
prof. Jan Boksem Criminal Law and criminology, criminal procedure, criminal law, criminal defence
prof. Jaap Hage Legal Theory, Philosophy of Law, Law and Logic, Theory of Comparative Law, Ethical Theory, Methodology (of Legal Science), Philosophy of (Legal) Science, algemene rechtsleer
prof. Hildegard Schneider European migration law, arts and heritage
prof. Hans van den Hurk Tax Law
prof. Hans Nelen Criminal Law and Criminology, Criminologie, Strafrecht
prof. Gert Vermeulen Criminal Law and Criminology, Human Rights