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A comparative North America-European study on two anomalies to the traditional Westphalian nation state model: statelessness and dual nationality

November 25th, 2014 by Maastricht Law

Project leader
Dr. Olivier Vonk

Dr. Olivier Vonk

Consortium Leader

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Dr. Vonk’s research as a Marie Curie fellow focuses on mapping the rules in municipal nationality laws on the acquisition and loss of nationality – particularly in light of dual nationality and statelessness. Having analysed the 35 countries in the Americas during the first two years of his fellowship, he currently compares the nationality laws in force in Europe and the Americas on behalf of the European expert network EUDO Citizenship. Moreover, together with Prof. Gerard-René de Groot, he writes a book on nationality law under international law.

Marie Curie Fellowship, European Commission, European Union Seventh Framework Programme

1 September 2012/1 September 2015

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