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prof. Saskia Klosse
professor of Labour Law and Social Security Law
Saskia Klosse graduated at the University of Utrecht, where she also obtained her doctor-degree and lectured for 15 years. She joined the University of Maastricht in 2000, first as a part-time professor and since 2006 as a full-time professor of Labour Law and Social Security Law. Her main research activities, on which she has lectured and written widely, include European Social Security Coordination, European Social Protection and Employment and Social Policy. She has been engaged and still participates in legal and interdisciplinary research networks and prepared several reports for the European Commission. She also has been called upon as a legal advisor to the Dutch government, for example as member of the Commission Labour Participation and the Social-economic Council.
Areas of expertise
Social Law, sociaal recht
saskia.klosse AT maastrichtuniversity.nl


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