Faculty of Law Research Guide



PhotoNameAreas of expertise
prof. Anselm Kamperman Sanders Intellectual Property Law
prof. André Klip Criminal Law and criminology
prof. Ad van Doesum Tax Law
prof. Aalt Willem Heringa Constitutional Law, European Public Law, Human Rights, (Vergelijkend) Staats- en Bestuursrecht
mr. Susan Rutten Family Law
mr. Stephan Rammeloo Corporate Law, European Private International Law
mr. Sander Jansen Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, administrative law, legal procedure, comparative law, ECHR, court proceedings, undue delay
mr. Ria Wolleswinkel Human Rights
mr. René Seerden Administrative Law, Environmental Law, Asylum and Migration Law and Social Security Law, Transfrontier Cooperation between Decentralised Authorities
mr. Marjon Weerepas Tax Law