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Fanny Tittel-Mosser (ESR6) presents paper at UACES 46th Annual Conference

September 12th, 2016 by Niels

The UACES (University Association for Contemporary European Studies) 46th Annual Conference  was held in London on 5-7 September 2016.

Fanny Tittel-Mosser presented a paper on “Migration management between bilateral treaties and EU soft law: exploring the Mobility Partnership with Morocco” in the panel named “A Geopolitical Perspective on EU Migration and Asylum Policies”.

The 2015 ‘migration crisis’ has shown how difficult it is for Member States and the EU supranational institutions to embark on new approaches such as a relocation scheme for asylum seekers within Europe or to reform the Schengen system. So far, institutionalist explanations have been paralleled by studies analysing the normative rationale behind EU migration governance. Some argue that EU asylum directives have helped to upgrade human rights standards while others see in ‘Fortress Europe’ a validation of securitization theories.

In view of the unprecedented rise of migrants into Europe, the EU is actively seeking to engage in deeper forms of cooperation with migrants’ sending and transit countries as well as international organizations.  This panel seeked to conceptualize the added value of geopolitics to the study of EU migration and asylum policy.

In her paper, Fanny Tittel-Mosser discussed how Mobility Partnerships fit into the EU’s migration management governance and how this instrument can be relevant in third countries. Taking the case study of Morocco, specific attention has been given to a potentially interesting geopolitical instrument: the Moroccan National Strategy for Migration and Asylum (NSIA). In her paper, Tittel-Mosser analysed how Mobility Partnerships can be relevant for Morocco through the implementation of projects related to the NSIA.


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