Transnational Migration, Citizenship and the Circulation of Rights and Responsibilities (TRANSMIC)


We invite you to also visit the websites mentioned below. These websites offer more information on our ongoing research on migration and citizenship.


Maastricht Centre for Citizenship, Migration and Development (MACIMIDE)

MACIMIDE is the interdisciplinary research platform of Maastricht University that brings together scholars working in the fields of migration, mobility, citizenship, development and family life. MACIMIDE combines various research lines across different Faculties of Maastricht University in order to contribute to a better understanding of the dynamics and consequences of transnational migration and mobility in a European and global context.

The Centre of Migration Research (CMR) at the University of Warsaw

The Centre of Migration Research (CMR) is an interdisciplinary inter-faculty research unit of the University of Warsaw, specialising in studies on migration processes in Poland and in Europe.

The International Migration Institute at the University of Oxford

The International Migration Institute (IMI) at the University of Oxford was established in 2006 and is committed to developing a long-term and forward-looking perspective on international migration as part of global change.

Website Marieke van Houte

The personal website of TRANSMIC postdoctoral fellow Marieke van Houte includes inter alia a blog on migration and a link to CONTAINED, a project of theatre and research on migration.