Transnational Migration, Citizenship and the Circulation of Rights and Responsibilities (TRANSMIC)

TRANSMIC in its final year

January 11th, 2018 by Niels

2018 will be the final year of TRANSMIC, in which we expect many of our PhD reserchers to defend their thesis, as well as various events related to outreach and dissemination of their research results. On 14 December 2017, Ngo Chun Luk was the first TRANSMIC PhD researcher to obtain his doctorate degree on the thesis ‘Diaspora Status and Citizenship Rights: A comparative-legal analysis of the quasi-citizenship schemes of China, India and Suriname’.

The final training sessions were held on 14-15 December 2017 in Maastricht. One day before these trainings we organized a public TRANSMIC event, in the form of a CONTAINED performance (organized by TRANSMIC fellow Dr. Marieke van Houte) and a performance of ‘The Shah of Holland’ by Shah Tabibi.


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